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    Catching unwanted activity on camera is great but instantly putting an end to it is even better. Spoken response through an audio device significantly reduces crime by scaring criminals away before it’s too late. Why not add Axis network audio to experience the full potential of your surveillance solution? Axis network audio solutions are available for a variety of industries and applications. 

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      Ritz Carlton

      Ritz Carlton

      Complete Entrance Automation & Security Solution

      Netplace brings together Came, Astrophysics & Kritikal to provide entrance safety and security at RITZ CARLTON – Pune (Panchshil Group)


      The RITZ CARLTON BRAND of MARRIOTT, one of the most Premium Hotel Brands and Panchshil Group- Pune, one of the largest Property developers in India came together to build India’s most premium Hotel Property in Pune. A high-end International Clientele prompted the need for Best in Class Entrance Automation and Security.  An efficient, easy to use while not compromising on the security Parameters was the need of the hour.

      The three-tier requirement included:

      • Individual K4 rated Entrance Bollards with Barriers at each Entrance
      • Under vehicle Scanner with Integrated ANPR and Driver Face Capture
      • Baggage Scanner, HHMD & DFMD catering to Various sizes at each entry point


      Panchshil Group and Netplace Technologies Pvt Ltd, India’s leading systems Integration company, evaluated various solutions. Based on the technical and commercial evaluation, URBACO/CAME Bollards as Individual K4 rated and Barriers, Astrophysics Baggage scanners and Kritikal UVSS systems were selected.


      The implementation of the Bollards, Baggage Scanner and UVSS addressed various security Compliance and user challenges faced by Hotels at the same time gave Ease of use to the Operators and Hotel Team. The installations helped with perimeter protection in prevention, detection and investigation of security and safety incidents.

      “We felt the need to strengthen our security based on High net worth and International Clientele. The solution offers best-in-class high security and reliability. The support provided by the Netplace is commendable. All in all, the solution provided by integration partner helped us achieve our security goals.”

      -Mr. Shree Bhandari (CTO – Panchshil Realty)


      Bollards and Barriers

      The installation and design were focused based on customer challenges of managing the Flow of Vehicles efficiently within its passage to. Total 3 entrances with 6 Six lanes were covered with 13 Individual K4 Rated Bollards and 6 Barriers.

      Baggage Scanners/DFMD/HHMD

      The installation covered various sizes of machines based on the Luggage size and entrance requirements. A total of 5 entrances were covered with Baggage scanner/ DFMD and HHMD

      UVSS/ANPR/Driver Face Capture

      The Installation was made up of 3 entrance and 6 lanes to ensure entry and exit of all vehicles is covered. The solution ensures clear forensic images under all lighting conditions

      WhatsApp Image 2020-07-10 at 3.12.16 PM (3)

      Are you ready to move your data center to a more flexible & agile cloud environment?

      Are you ready to move your data center to a more
      flexible & agile cloud environment?

      Seamless Data Center Migration

      Migration of data centers to cloud can overwhelm organizations. But a precise and well-managed migration can optimize an organization’s entire IT landscape. The most common business drivers behind moving a data center to the cloud involves reducing CAPEX, reducing existing expenditures, improving time-to-market and attaining improvements in overall business phenomena and procedures.

      Data centers migrations can be result in a complicated and nerve wreaking work but by migrating to cloud, you get access to a more efficient environment which can modernize your workflows and enhance performance.

      • Infrastructure Migration

      Reliably migrate your data and critical business applications to the cloud platforms.

      • Platform Migration

      We handle complete upgradation of your business applications platforms from earlier operating systems to newer operating systems, such as from Windows 2003 to Windows 2018, SQL Server 2008 to SQL Server 2018, MySQL to managed MySQL, etc.

      • Application Migration

      We help you to migrate your application software from an on-going environment to a reliable and secure cloud environment.

      • Database Migration

      We help you to migrate your database to cloud so that you acquire a variety of nominal and scalable cloud offerings.

      • Security and Governance

      We ensure effective and efficient security management and operations in the cloud environment so that an enterprise adequately mitigates risks to retain utmost control and security.

      ERA OF Wi-Fi 6


      Technological innovations have inundated mankind with the power and ability to outdo and outperform at ease. With so many exciting things happening at a constant pace, it’s just getting bigger and better for enterprises and individuals to explore myriad options and advantages – opening up new vistas of growth propelled through performance. And to anchor such performance, we have seen the emergence of a pool of highly scalable yet cost-effective solutions that can redefine the way we communicate and collaborate. Welcoming you all to the era of Wi-Fi 6 which is going to give a whole new meaning and dimension to wireless data speed and consumption habits.

      What is Wi-Fi 6?

      Wi-Fi 6 is the upgraded nextgeneration wireless standard which is faster than IEEE 802.11ac (Wi-Fi 5). As per the guidelines and standards set by Wi-Fi Alliance, Wi-Fi 6 carries the version IEEE 802.11ax and gives users the efficiency and speed required in the most demanding Wi-Fi environments. More than just speed, Wi-Fi 6 will ensure stable and enhanced performance in congested areas, thus making the overall wireless data consumption experience more exciting and meaningful.

      Key Benefits of Wi-Fi 6?

      Lag-free performance in multidevice connected environments Increased speed and capacity Higher and faster data rates Improved power efficiency Ultra-high bandwidth and concurrency Networks can handle multiple data streams at same time In areas with poor reception, it can offload wireless traffic from cellular networks Cisco and Wi-Fi 6 Advantages Together.

      Cisco has always been at the heart of innovation and technological excellence that makes us what we are today. As Wi-Fi 6 is redefining what’s possible for businesses, we have embraced the technology whole-heartedly to make the world a place where enhanced speed, flexibility and accuracy will be the driving force in the days to come.

      Along with unmatched speed, Wi-Fi 6 is also about providing better performance in congested areas such as from stadiums to large lecture halls, from conference rooms to your home, where 

      multiple devices co-exist. Latency is vastly improved and also easier on connected devices’ batteries. Result is near real-time use cases and predictable user experience.

      Along with unmatched speed, Wi-Fi 6 is also about providing better performance in congested areas such as from stadiums to large lecture halls, from conference rooms to your home, where multiple devices co-exist. Latency is vastly improved and also easier on connected devices’ batteries. Result is near real-time use cases and predictable user experience.

      With already hundreds of IoT devices and sensors in place and more in the upcoming stable, Cisco ensures that the modern world will leverage the power and efficiency of Wi-Fi 6 at an unparalleled level. We, at Cisco have already gauged the level of engagements and actions that will unlock once Wi-Fi 6 comes to its full spectrum. For a fully immersive, unmatched and uninterrupted unplugged experience, Cisco is committed to create a ‘wireless-first’ world.

      Features & Benefits


      Providing a consistent, dependable network for a seamless experience.


      Transmitting increased data to more clients than previous Wi-Fi standards.


      Achieving speeds up to four times speed than 802.11ac to drive more applications.

      Enhanced features

      Improving battery efficiency in smartphones, tablets, and IOT devices. Improved WiFi coverage and support for 2.4GHz make it ideal for

        A secure remote work experience for business continuity

        A secure remote work experence for business continuity

        SecureX is a cloud-native, built-in platform experience that connects our Cisco Secure portfolio and your infrastructure.
        Protect endpoints, whether connected to a protected network or roaming on the Internet, with continuous and integrated detection, response, and remediation capabilities.



        Integrate your technology for true trunkey introperability


        Accelarate time to detect and investigrate threats, while maintaing contextual awerness


        Accelerate remediation time and automate your workflows to lower cost and strengthen security

        Simplify your security

        SecureX is a cloud-native, built-in platform experience within our portfolio and connected to your infrastructure. It is integrated and open for simplicity, unified in one location for visibility, and maximizes operational efficiency to secure your network, endpoints, cloud, and applications.

        Turns security from a blocker to an enabler

        A connected backend architecture translates into a consistent frontend experience. The ribbon and a secure, single sign-on enables you to share and maintain context around incidents in one location when navigating consoles. The customizable dashboard allows you to see what matters to you including operational metrics, visibility into emerging threats, and access to new products in one click.The threat response application accelerates threat investigations and incident management by aggregating and correlating global intelligence and local context in one view.Our orchestration drag-drop canvas allows you to build your own workflow with no/low code, eliminating friction in your processes while automating routine tasks. 

        And device insights provide you with the comprehensive device inventory with contextual awareness needed to identify gaps in coverage and simplify security investigations.

          IOT and AI integration of ELV

          IOT and AI integration


          Data from various Physical Security devices become complex to view and interpret.

          AI based Analytics helps Operations and Security scan through months of data to come up with Intelligence providing decision and actionable data

          Viz: Automation license plate detection

                 Speed and Traffic violations

                PPE detection

                Face detection

                Thermal detection and many more


          Command and Control

          Command and control is excellent to collate and provide a bird eye view on the complete operation

          It integrates various ELV, BMS and Life safety operations to provide a complete and comprehensive control of the operation of any facility

          IOT based BMS Unification

          ELV systems provide complex data due to varied Protocols and Brands. Every ELV system CCTV, Access Control, Fire Detection have their own application soft-wares and working methodology.  This makes the operations team work complex and people centric.

          Using Unification platforms like Open platform BMS, PSIM, etc. we make the data collection and reporting between various ELV systems seamless.

          Operations team becomes less cumbersome. Managing, Compliance and reporting comes with ease.

          Register Now for a Cisco Webex Trial

          Register Now for a Cisco Webex Trial

          Webex free trial, Deployed Instantly.

          For organizations who need immediate solution to enable remote working, a 90 days free trail for Ciso Webex is available.

          Webex Meetings enables you to host online meetings with HD video, audio and screen sharing.

          Webex Teams keeps your employees connected through messaging, file sharing, white-boarding and calling.

          Webex Calling drive your phone system to the cloud so you can make and receive calls on any device.

          Webex Features!

          • Up-to 24 hours continuous meeting
          • 1 lakh participants
          • Unlimited cloud recording storage
          • File transfer
          • Screen sharing
          • Mobile screen sharing
          • Support for iPhone, iPad, Android, and wearable devices
          • Chat, notes, raise hand and polling
          • Download recordings on local PC
          • HD VoIP
          • Encrypted cloud meetings/recordings

            Cisco DuoCisco SecurityCisco WebexCISCO Umbrella

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            Webex Trainings

            Webex Training is a solution for delivering virtual trainings that keep your learners engaged.

            Usage scenario – Employee, partner, and customer training product rollouts; certification and IT training; distance learning.

            Webex Events

            Webex Events is a solution for interactive webinars or large-scale virtual events.

            Usage scenario – Moderated webinars, events and conferences, product launches, employee communications.

            Webex Support

            Webex Support is a platform for providing the customers a remote technical support and service.

            Usage scenario – Remote employee and customer IT support, personalized customer service through the internet.

            Early Detection Technologies COVID-19

            Early Detection Technologies COVID-19


            Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer.

            Netplace, already established as a physical security and Automation partner in India for many renowned manufacturers/ OEMs, has now geared up to help customers and society tackle the unprecedented pandemic Covid-19 situation.

            As per the directives by Union health Ministry and Govt. of India, Organizations are mandatorily asked to
            detect all the employees and visitors for any early symptoms of Covid-19 infection such as, fever, cough and
            breathlessness. Fever is the first step toward early detection and isolation.
            Depending on the flow of people various solutions are available to ensure speed and accuracy of detection.

            Following are some solutions:

            • Access Control with face detection/thermal and mask detection
            • Fixed Thermal Imaging Solution
            • Handheld Thermal Imaging Solution
            • Handheld IR thermometers

            Click here to know more

            Collaborate with your colleagues on a virtual desk

            Collaborate with your colleagues on a virtual desk


            Instead of replacing Legacy PCs and laptops after three to four years it is more efficient to use virtual desktops save cost.

            Scale your VDI for remote working.

            With a VDI solution, organizations can obtain a number of benefits. The computing takes place on the host server, rather than at the end-user device, so the hardware requirements for the endpoint are less. This potentially decreases the investment in an endpoint devices, and it may be easier to support a variable range of remote and mobile devices. As the hardware requirement of the desktop software changes, it may also be reliable to reallocate CPU and memory from the server side than from the endpoint devices.

            System administrators spend less time managing and maintaining each individual endpoint Due to the centralized nature of VDI desktops.

            Why VDI is growing in Importance?

            • Increasing diversity of end-user device form factors on which business is being conducted: laptop computers, smartphones, business tablets, etc.
            • Rising desktop maintenance and upgrade costs associated with OS refreshes
            • Globalization and an increasingly geographically dispersed workforce that includes contractors, offshore workers, call centers, and consultants
            • Availability of cost-effective and ubiquitous broadband
            • Proliferation of server virtualization, creating increased density of virtual desktops deployable on an x86 server blade
            • Growing trust in the cloud for business services, applications, and data access

              Increase efficiency

            Give users access to their desktops and applications at any time, on any device, regardless of geographic location.

              Improve security

            Protect your IP by keeping data, virtual desktops, and applications in your secure data center and controlled by policy.

              Maximize performance

            Rapidly deploy and scale new or updated applications and desktop operating systems, without user disruption.

              Reduce CapEx and OpEx

            Centralize desktop and application patches and upgrades, while using lower-cost endpoint devices and facilitating BYOD.