Are you ready to move your data center to a more
flexible & agile cloud environment?

Seamless Data Center Migration

Migration of data centers to cloud can overwhelm organizations. But a precise and well-managed migration can optimize an organization’s entire IT landscape. The most common business drivers behind moving a data center to the cloud involves reducing CAPEX, reducing existing expenditures, improving time-to-market and attaining improvements in overall business phenomena and procedures.

Data centers migrations can be result in a complicated and nerve wreaking work but by migrating to cloud, you get access to a more efficient environment which can modernize your workflows and enhance performance.

  • Infrastructure Migration

Reliably migrate your data and critical business applications to the cloud platforms.

  • Platform Migration

We handle complete upgradation of your business applications platforms from earlier operating systems to newer operating systems, such as from Windows 2003 to Windows 2018, SQL Server 2008 to SQL Server 2018, MySQL to managed MySQL, etc.

  • Application Migration

We help you to migrate your application software from an on-going environment to a reliable and secure cloud environment.

  • Database Migration

We help you to migrate your database to cloud so that you acquire a variety of nominal and scalable cloud offerings.

  • Security and Governance

We ensure effective and efficient security management and operations in the cloud environment so that an enterprise adequately mitigates risks to retain utmost control and security.