Collaboration may be a working practice whereby individuals work together to a standard purpose to realize business benefit.

Collaboration describes the mixture of communications and collaboration technologies.

The modular elements of the Collaboration Architecture co-operate together to deliver compelling collaboration experiences within and among organizations.

Collaboration enables individuals to figure together to realize an outlined and customary business purpose. It exists in two forms:-

  • Synchronous, where everyone interacts in real time, as in online meetings.
  • Asynchronous, where the interaction are often time-shifted, as when uploading documents or annotations to shared workspaces, or making contributions to a wiki

Getting away from On-Premises Limitations

Creating strong business relationships requires close collaboration. And close collaboration starts with effective meetings that reach beyond an easy call. Sure, business still moves forward with the help of regular phone calls. But making your meetings virtual can dial those calls up a notch, pardon the pun.

Users can hold a web conference via a desktop (think your laptop or a Voice over IP phone), mobile (your smartphone or tablet), or video device (video endpoint in a dedicated video conferencing environment like a conference room).

The first step of any web conference, no matter device, is to put in conferencing software. There are variety of web conferencing tools available, but people who rise to the highest and make web conferencing a breeze should have the subsequent features:


Full set of features



Freedom of evolution

With clothing being designed that allows you to be stick virtually, video conferencing becoming ever molder, and our social and romantic lives increasingly happening online, the gap between the physical and the virtual is getting ever minor.

These remote solutions even protect the organization in a disaster scenarios, with staff working from home or remotely to continue business as usual.

Cloud-based collaboration tools allow for greater freedom of movement, so your people can work productively from everywhere.

But the more important reason why understanding the statistics is important is because remote working isn’t going anywhere soon. What this current pandemic has exposed that most of the operations of a well-oiled organization can be done remotely. According to us, we are going to see a huge spike in the number of remote workers in the near future (even after everything gets back to normal)