Traditional connectivity solutions are not made for modern bandwidth consuming applications. Software-defined networking allows users to elevate bandwidth without the limitations of traditional services.

Changing Network Traffic

Unlike the traditional backhauling router-centric WAN architecture, the SD-WAN is designed to fully support applications hosted in on-premise data centers, public or private clouds and SaaS solutions, while delivering the highest levels of application performance.

The intelligence and potential to identify applications, provides an application driven way to route traffic across the WAN instead of simply using TCP/IP addresses and ACLs. Continues self-learning & automatic adaption.

Reduced Support and Installation Costs

Increase business productivity and user experience. Reducing WAN architecture costs by up to 90 percent. The biggest advantage is the ease of installation & support. Almost everything is configured centrally so need of skilled IT staff in each branch offices. SD WAN differentiated the landscape completely, allowing enterprises to only reimburse for the functionalities they require with their entire CAPEX investment amounting to small routers.

  • It must be able to support multiple connection types.
  • It must be capable of dynamic path selection.
  • Must be easy to configure and manage and should be able to support VPNs.
  • Third party services.