Welcome To The ERA Of Wi-Fi 6


Technological innovations have inundated mankind with the power and ability to outdo and outperform at ease. With so many exciting things happening at a constant pace, it’s just getting bigger and better for enterprises and individuals to explore myriad options and advantages –
opening up new vistas of growth propelled through performance. And to anchor such performance, we have seen the emergence of a pool of highly scalable yet cost-effective solutions that can redefine the way we communicate and collaborate. Welcoming you all to the era of Wi-Fi 6 which is going to give a whole new meaning and dimension to wireless data speed and consumption habits.

What is Wi-Fi 6?

Wi-Fi 6 is the upgraded next-generation wireless standard which is faster than IEEE 802.11ac (Wi-Fi 5). As per the guidelines and standards set by Wi-Fi Alliance, Wi-Fi 6 carries the version IEEE 802.11ax and gives users the efficiency and speed required in the most demanding Wi-Fi environments. More than just speed, Wi-Fi 6 will ensure stable and enhanced performance in congested areas, thus making the overall wireless data consumption experience more exciting and meaningful.

Key Benefits of Wi-Fi 6?

  • Lag-free performance in multi-device connected environments
  • Increased speed and capacity
  • Higher and faster data rates
  • Improved power efficiency
  • Ultra-high bandwidth and concurrency
  • Networks can handle multiple data streams at same time
  • In areas with poor reception, it can offload wireless traffic from cellular networks

Cisco and Wi-Fi 6 Advantages Together

Cisco has always been at the heart of innovation and technological excellence that makes us what we are today. As Wi-Fi 6 is redefining what’s possible for businesses, we have embraced the technology whole-heartedly to make the world a place where enhanced speed, flexibility and accuracy will be the driving force in the days to come.

Along with unmatched speed, Wi-Fi 6 is also about providing better performance in congested areas such as from stadiums to large lecture halls, from conference rooms to your home, where multiple devices co-exist. Latency is vastly improved and also easier on connected devices’ batteries. Result is near real-time use cases and predictable user experience.

With already hundreds of IoT devices and sensors in place and more in the upcoming stable, Cisco ensures that the modern world will leverage the power and efficiency of Wi-Fi 6 at an unparalleled level. We, at Cisco have already gauged the level of engagements and actions that will unlock once Wi-Fi 6 comes to its full spectrum. For a fully immersive, unmatched and uninterrupted unplugged experience, Cisco is committed to create a ‘wireless-first’ world.

Features & Benefits


Providing a consistent, dependable network for a seamless experience.


Transmitting increased data to more clients than previous Wi-Fi standards.


Achieving speeds up to four times speed than 802.11ac to drive more applications.

Enhanced features

Improving battery efficiency in smartphones, tablets, and IOT devices. Improved Wi-Fi coverage and support for 2.4GHz make it ideal for IoT devices.