A secure remote work experience for business continuity


  • Secure remote workers

Enable your employees to work from home and safely connect to their network and teammates.

    Secure Remote Workers

Quickly and easily deploy Cisco AnyConnect VPN and authentication capabilities.

    Virtual meetings

Get expanded virtual meetings and video conferencing capabilities for free with Webex Meetings.

    Remote network access

Securely and reliably extend your corporate network into the home or micro-office with Cisco and Meraki products for WAN or Wi-Fi.

  • Essential business

Use solutions for essential business services to increase capacity and reliability.

Virtual Contact Center quick-deploy solution

Use our rapidly deployable cloud contact-center solution to help enable remote agents.

Meraki First Year On Us

Get an additional one-year Cisco Meraki cloud network management license with any new three-year-or-more license purchase.

Flexible financing options

Alleviate financial strain by deferring 95% of payments until 2021 or purchasing Cisco Certified preowned products.

  • Healthcare

Enabling Work from Home Culture

Netplace has been providing all these solutions since more than 2 decades now in collaboration with Cisco and HPE Aruba along with many other partners.

 Enabling Back to Office Scenario

 Reducing touch-points:

Access Control with face detection/thermal and mask detection

Bluetooth enabled contactless access

QR based contact less visitor management

Intelligent touch-less elevator control

Early Detection:

Access Control with face detection/thermal and mask detection

Fixed Thermal Imaging Solution

Handheld Thermal Imaging Solution

Handheld IR thermometers

Contactless Entrance Automation:

Automatic Swing Doors

Automatic Sliding Doors

Swing Barrier Turnstiles

Touch-less Elevators

  • Education

Deploy virtual education solutions with simple, secure, reliable platforms for distance learning and administration.

Transition to distance learning

Quickly get your educational institution ready for secure remote and distance learning with Cisco Webex.

Secure remote learning and administration

Easily keep teachers, faculty, and students securely connected with Cisco AnyConnect VPN and authentication capabilities.

Distance learning–anywhere, anytime, any device

Give students, faculty, and researchers secure access to virtual classrooms and labs from anywhere on any device with Cisco Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.