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A secure remote work experience for business continuity
Helping communities, customers, and partners to operate effectively in virtual environments. Protect your business from hackers and cyber threats while your team is working remotely. Learn what steps you can take today.
Register Now for a Cisco Umbrella Trial

Umbrella free trial, Deployed Instantly. For Organization who need cloud based secure browsing experience on & off network, a free trial for Cisco Umbrella is available.

Collaborate with your colleagues on a virtual desk

Instead of replacing Legacy PCs and laptops after three to four years it is more efficient to use virtual desktops save cost. Scale your VDI for remote working.

Early Detection Technologies COVID-19

Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer. Netplace, already established as a physical security and Automation partner in India for many renowned manufacturers/ OEMs, has now geared up to help customers and society tackle the unprecedented pandemic Covid-19 situation.

Building a smart IOT workspace experience

An Industrial IoT system is a complex architecture encompassing sensors, communications, big-data storage, edge computing, and advanced analytics among its disciplines.