Managing Visitors like Never Before.

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Managing Visitors like Never Before.

Netplace represents World’s most extensive visitors management system. In today’s fast-paced every organisation faces the problem of visitor management. is now becoming a key factor for an organisation. Manging Visitors is a vague problem for any organisation to get authentic visitors data. Visitors authentic management system (VAMS) brings robust technology which is very easy to understand and efficient enough to handle the high volume of human flow. VAMS is an Automated Platform that helps organisations to manage people in a more simplified manner. VAMS solution helps in the current COVID 19 situation, capturing accurate visitor details and it is also integrated with the ArogyaSetu app in an automated manner and it is now becoming a key factor for an organization.

Key Features for VAMS

Integrated with Arogya Setu

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Black list a Visitors

Enhance the Security

SSO and Active directory

More Efficient and Easy.