1. Composition of CSR Committee:

    Sl. No. Name of Director Designation / Nature of Directorship
    1. Mr. Dhaval Doshi Chairman / Director
    2. Mr. Milan Doshi Member / Director
  2. CSR Policy: attached in pdf file.

  3. CSR projects approved by the Board for Financial Year 2020-21

    Sl. No. CSR Project or Activity Identified Sector in which Project covered Manner of Execution
    1. Supporting special school for special children Education Indirect through Keshavlal V. Bodani Education Foundation; Aditya Mehta Foundation and Ankur Special School for mentally retarded Children
    2. Medical Aid for Cancer Patients and child welfare promoting health care including preventive health care Directly by Company Indirect through Shree Saurashtra Shanshikala Seva Sangh
    3. Contribution to the Prime Ministers National Relief Ministers National Relief Fund (PMNRF) PMNRF Directly by Company