Trust Every User With Two-Factor Authentication

Verify the identity of your users with two-factor authentication and the health of their devices before they connect to the apps you want them to access.

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    What You Get With Duo:

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    That includes everything in Duo MFA:

    • Protect logins with two-factor authentication and easily enroll and manage users
    • Automate the management of your Duo solution (i.e. admin APIs)
    • Get an overview of device security hygiene
    • Protect on-premises apps and federated cloud apps

    Two-Factor Authentication

    Two factor authentication strengthens access security by requiring two methods (also referred to as factors) to verify your identity. These factors can include something you know – like a username and password, plus something you have – like a smartphone app to approve authentication requests.

    Support Every User

    Authenticate anywhere, anytime, with any device using Duo Security’s options for two-factor authentication methods. Two-factor authentication lets you verify your users’ identities before they log in to ensure Trusted Users.

    User Access Policies

    Duo’s User Access Policies allow you to limit access per certain user groups to strengthen your security profile – e.g., block login attempts from countries you don’t do business in, or block users on anonymous networks.