Beyond The
Perimeter With SSE

Defending Against With A Zero Trust Ecosystem
SSE is a set of security services that enable a successful SASE architecture, securing people and data in the cloud without degrading the user experience.
Establishing the data center as a single control point to which you route all net-work traffic worked fine when all data was within your environment. Now that data is everywhere, a security network and associated security services must follow it. This requires a new network architecture that reflects that dispersal.
With SSE, Netplace helps in revolutionizing the phase of security services to the next level. Our partnership with Global leaders in SASE/SSE like Netskope, Zscaler, and Crowdstrike help in achieving a customized next-level security solution and service for your business.

How does SSE assist to secure the business environment?
The secure service edge comprises three core services:

SSE is more secure than legacy service security, we’ve gathered industry experts to share challenges and best practices for a holistic Zero Trust approach to stay ahead of the adversaries and defend effectively.

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