Defend your Credentials & Connections with MFA & VPN combined


We provide you with optimal solution for connecting to your offices securely by integrating the MFA (Multifactor authentication) & VPN (Virtual Private Network) solutions together. VPN being the most secure, MFA elevates it by adding an extra layer of defense against the credential theft. An increasingly important tool for validating the identity of users. Credentials are easily stolen these days. MFA is an addition of second layer of security to the traditional username &  password. These second layer security takes the form of passwords, hardware tokens, numerical codes, biometrics, time, and location.

The factors are

Knowledge: Something that the user knows, such as their core username and password.
Possession: Something that the user has, such as a smartphone or hardware token.
Inherence: Something that is inherent to the physical user, such as a fingerprint or retina.
Location: Denoted by the physical location of the user.
Time: A time-based window of opportunity for the user to authenticate.

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