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After almost two months working from home, some staff are likely to start coming back to the office in the next few weeks.

Netplace, already established as a physical security and Automation partner in India for many renowned manufacturers/ OEMs, has now geared up to help customers and society tackle the unprecedented pandemic Covid-19 situation.

To help the organizations enable with the health security and automation systems, we have 4 major areas to cater: 

1. Enabling Work from Home Culture

A crucial aspect of being prepared for Covid-19 is work from home having a secured connectivity, cloud integration, video conferencing between various teams. In addition to it, firewall and protection against malicious cyber-attacks is of upmost importance. 

Netplace has been providing all these solutions since more than 2 decades now in collaboration with Cisco and HPE Aruba along with many other partners. 

From Video Conferencing to secure connectivity or enabling IT infra for office space and remote connectivity, we do it all. 

Feel free to contact us for your urgent or planned requirements, we are available for your slightest queries or doubts too. 

2. Enabling Back to Office Scenario

We all are aware that lockdown will sooner be lifted. To help organizations enable the automation to avoid the spread of novel Corona Virus, Netplace has following solutions: 

Reducing touchpoints: 



The goal is to enable contactless entry to staff, visitors and contractors at various locations within the organisation. multiple hardware based on type of person and point of entry can be seamlessly integrated. Following are some solutions: 

  • Access Control with face detection/thermal and mask detection
  • Bluetooth enabled contactless access
  • QR based contact less visitor management
  • Intelligent touchless elevator control

Early Detection


As per the directives by Union health Ministry and Govt. of India, Organizations are mandatorily asked to detect all the employees and visitors for any early symptoms of Covid-19 infection such as, fever, cough and breathlessness.  Fever is the first step toward early detection and isolation. 

Depending on the flow of people various solutions are available to ensure speed and accuracy of detection. Following are some solutions: 

  • Access Control with face detection/thermal and mask detection
  • Fixed Thermal Imaging Solution
  • Handheld Thermal Imaging Solution
  • Handheld IR thermometers

Contactless Entrance Automation:





All entrance doors and handles are frequently used touch points. By automating entrances, the same can be completely eliminated.

Places with high people traffic can be integrated with access control, QR for visitor and radar to automate swing and sliding doors. Large passages can be automated by using swing barrier. Elevator is one of the important machine which can be modified with touch-less switches.

Following are some solutions: 

  • Automatic Swing Doors
  • Automatic Sliding Doors
  • Swing Barrier Turnstiles
  • Touch-less Elevators