Get Enterprise like security in a small fraction

Because every business deserves protection

There's nothing small about protecting your business

As a small business, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice or compromise your cybersecurity solutions because of a lack of resources and technology. With CrowdStrike, you get enterprise level-protection and support at a price you can afford – because every SMB deserves protection, regardless of headcount.

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    Relying on antivirus software and firewalls is simply not enough. Today’s cybercriminals are too sophisticated, fast and evolving for legacy measures. It takes a combination of technology, people and processes to identify and react to threats in near real-time, 24/7.

    A modern technology platform is the foundation of your solid security posture. It’s much more advanced than your typical legacy solutions it’s built to block malware and malicious behaviour as it occurs, without cumbersome signature updates or performance-draining system scans